Why Proteos? Reliable Recombinant Protein Services

Why Proteos?  Reliable Recombinant Protein Services

Obtaining the highest quality recombinant proteins is critical to the advancement of your discovery program.  Proteos has more that 15 years of experience producing a wide variety of recombinant proteins at the highest quality standards, to keep your program moving forward.

  • >90% purity, >99% monodispersity
  • Diverse protein classes including antibodies, enzymes, and hormones
  • Optimized expression, purification, & formulation

In the early stages of drug discovery, the right approach and the right partner can make all the difference. To maximize the success of your program, you need a proficient trustworthy partner to help you navigate the challenges ahead. We understand that the reagents and assays used for drug discovery are the building blocks that support your program’s success.

Click here to request a quotation or send us an email at info@proteos.com to start the conversation and advance you discovery program.

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