E. coli Expression

Proteos offers bacterial expression for rapid, economical production of recombinant proteins of prokaryotic or eukaryotic origin if complex post-translation modifications are not required for proper folding and function.

Our expression platform utilizes numerous commercially available E. coli strains and fully validated expression protocols for consistent and reproducible protein expression in shake flask culture volumes up to 24 L per batch.

Typical productions times are 1 week for cell paste, 1-3 weeks for expression and purification, and 4-6 weeks for construct design, expression, and purification.   

Services offered:

  • Proteos offers a full suite of molecular biology services to accompany any of our expression platforms.  Molecular biology services available include construct design, fusion partner and affinity tag selection, gene synthesis and codon optimization, subcloning, plasmid isolation, and sequence verification.
  • Small-scale expression verification and optimization at scales less than 100 mL, ideal for expression testing of multiple recombinant protein targets.  Optimization parameters may include selection of E.coli host strain, media, induction conditions, incubation time, incubation temperature, and protein solubility.  
  • Analytical production and yield determination at scales less than 2 L, ideal for process verification through purification, prior to large-scale production.
  • Large-scale recombinant protein production up to 24 L per batch in shake flasks.
  • Generation and banking of glycerol stocks for rapid scale-up and expression in future production runs.
  • High-throughput expression and purification of up to 96 His-tagged protein constructs per production run at the 15 mL culture scale.
  • Bacterial expression services can be combined with Proteos’ purification services for a fully-customized production process.

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