Protein Purification

A comprehensive selection of protein purification and analysis services for isolation and characterization of recombinant affinity-tagged or native proteins are available.  In addition, we also offer customizable protein analytics packages.

Proteos protein purification chromatography columns

Chromatography Methods

Proteos offers fully customizable purification services for isolation of recombinant affinity-tagged or native proteins using manual and FPLC chromatography methods.  Purification scales range from less than a milligram up to multiple gram quantities at purities >95%.  Our scientists have decades of protein purification experience and can either develop a process from square one or replicate an established protocol.

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Proteos protein concentration determination assay

Protein Analytics

Proteos can analyze and characterize your protein samples or proteins produced through utilization of our expression and purification services. Types of analysis include SDS-PAGE, protein quantitation via A280 or colorimetric assay, western blot, analytical HPLC-SEC, intact mass spectrometry, endotoxin determination via LAL assay, and protein melting temperature determination via thermal shift assay.

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