Protein Analytics

Proteos offers a suite of protein analytics for analysis of your protein samples or as a complement to our recombinant protein production services.

  • SDS-PAGE/western blotting
  • Colorimetric protein assays (Bradford, BCA, microBCA, 660nm)
  • Protein quantitation via Nanodrop
  • Analytical HPLC-SEC
  • Intact mass analysis
  • Colorimetric and fluorometric enzyme assays
  • Endotoxin determination via LAL assay
  • Protein melting temperature determination via thermal shift assay which is useful for batch to batch validation, buffer screening for formulation optimization, ligand binding studies, protein:protein binding studies, and construct stability comparisons

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Thermal shift assay protein melt temperature results

Analytical HPLC-SEC data with experimentally determined molecular weights of a Fab (red trace) and full length IgG (blue trace).  Molecular weights were experimentally determined using a calibration curve assemble from a set of 5 standards shown in the lower chromatogram (black trace).  Standards include thyroglobulin (670,000 Da), δ-globulin (158,000 Da), ovalbumin (44,000 Da), myoglobin (17,000 Da) and vitamin B12 (1,350 Da).

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