• Reliable Recombinant Protein Services
    We have more than 15 years of experience producing a wide variety of recombinant proteins at the highest quality standards, to keep your program moving forward.
    >90% purity, >99% monodispersity
    Diverse protein classes including antibodies, enzymes, hormones
    Optimized expression, purification, & formulation
  • Respected Scientists With Diverse Expertise
    Charting your course for drug discovery is challenging, but our highly-skilled scientific team can put your journey on the right path from square one.
    Proficiency across multiple disciplines
    Veteran management team of industry experts
    Sound approach with proven technologies
  • Fit-For-Purpose Products and Customized Workflows
    Understanding the ultimate utility of your reagent from the outset, we work alongside you to develop a fit-for-purpose product in order to increase your likelihood of a successful discovery program.
    Customized experimental design for your unique needs
    Milestone driven workflows to mitigate risk
    Validated methods for seamless integration of new projects
  • Real-Time Communication For Data-Driven Decisions
    Drug discovery can be unpredictable and requires flexibility to overcome unforeseen challenges. We continually examine whether projects are running as planned and quickly communicate if the unexpected happens.
    Flexible and adaptable experimental designs
    Continual examination of project trajectory
    Real-time analysis and communication

Recombinant Protein Production Services

Proteos offers a wide range of recombinant protein and antibody expression platforms, purification methods, analysis tools, and assay services, which enable us to provide complete production from concept to reagent.  Each service can be customized to meet your individual project specifications.

Proteos Recombinant Antibody Expression and Purification

Antibody Production

Recombinant expression and purification of full-length IgG antibody, F(ab) and (Fab’)2 antibody fragments, and antibody fusion proteins.  Our antibody production capabilities include construct design, transient mammalian cell expression, utilizing in-house or customer provided expression vectors, and affinity purification. We offer both molecular and enzymatic approaches for generation of F(ab) and (Fab’)2 antibody fragments.

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Proteos Recombinant Protein Expression

Protein Expression

Mammalian cell, insect cell, and bacterial expression platforms are available for expression of recombinant proteins.  Complete molecular biology services, from construct design to endotoxin free plasmid DNA isolation, are also available.

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Proteos Recombinant Protein Purification

Protein Purification

A comprehensive selection of protein purification and analysis services for isolation and characterization of recombinant affinity-tagged or native proteins are available.  In addition, we also offer customizable protein analytics packages.

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Proteos Protein Assay Services

Protein Assay Services

The baculovirus titer assay is a plate-based flow cytometry assay, that offers a quick reproducible method for determining the number of infectious virus particles/mL.

The thermal shift assay (TSA) is used to measure the thermal denaturation (melting temperature) of proteins under various conditions.  The assay is useful for screening pH, ionic strength, ligand binding, and other formulation additives for their impact on melting temperature. Conditions that increase the melting temperature are considered stabilizing.

We also offer services for running commercially available kit-based colorimetric and fluorometric assays.

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