Proteos Moves Toward Employee Ownership

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Proteos, Inc. announced on Monday January 29, 2018 that the company would begin the process of restructuring and transitioning to a majority employee-owned corporation.  Since its founding in 2003, by Clark W. Smith, Ph.D. and Robert L. Heinrikson, Ph.D., Proteos has been committed to both customer and employee satisfaction as evidenced by the average time of service for current employees. This transition is in accordance with the original vision of Proteos’ founders/owners.

The current Proteos leadership is as follows:

Clark W. Smith, Ph.D., Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mary Shuck, President.  Mary has been with Proteos since 2009.  Prior to her promotion to President, Mary was Director of the protein expression group.

Lindsey Gottler, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).  Lindsey has been with Proteos since 2008.  Prior to her promotion to CSO, Lindsey was Director of the protein purification group.

Holly Kehoe, Controller.  Holly has been with Proteos since 2007.

Proteos’ mission continues to be the delivery of high quality research reagents and data.

WE ARE – specialists in protein production; expression and purification

WE CAN – customize contract research projects to fit your specific needs

WE WILL – deliver high quality proteins and data with transparent and timely communication

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