Proteos Employee Spotlight: Joanna Sutton

Proteos Employee Spotlight:  Joanna Sutton

At Proteos, we understand that it is our employees that make our company special.  Proteos’ scientific staff has decades of combined experience in the biotechnology and life science industries.  As we continue featuring staff profiles on our blog, we are very excited to welcome Joanna Sutton to the Proteos team.

Joanna previously spent time at Proteos during a summer 2017 internship while she was attending Wayne State University.  Following the completion of her doctoral research earlier this year, we were delighted that she accepted our offer for full-time employment as a Scientist in the Protein Purification group. 

Joanna recently received her Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Wayne State University School of Medicine.  Her research focused on identifying therapeutic targets for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3 (SCA3), a neurodegenerative disorder in the same class as Huntington’s Disease. SCA3 is caused by a genetically inherited mutation that leads to translation of an elongated form of the ataxin-3 protein, which aggregates in neurons. Joanna found that two of ataxin-3’s protein-binding partners can influence its stability, solubility, and subsequent toxicity in vivo, suggesting that targeting these protein-protein interactions could be potential strategies to treat SCA3.

At home, Joanna lives with her husband (Connor), dog (Lenny), and cat (Prim). After loving their trip to Italy last fall, she and her husband are planning to visit Germany next. Joanna’s favorite place in Michigan is Wheatland Music Festival, which combines her love of live music, camping, and craft beer. She is thrilled to be living in Kalamazoo and looks forward to exploring all that West Michigan has to offer.

Joanna decided to join Proteos because she values the opportunity to conduct high-quality research in a team-oriented environment. She says the tangible comradery amongst the staff is what sets Proteos apart and propels their projects forward. You can learn more about Joanna’s background by visiting her LinkedIn profile:

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