Michael J. Fox Foundation Announces Library of Available Recombinant DJ-1 Proteins in Collaboration with Proteos

Michael J. Fox Foundation

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) first goal is to propel breakthroughs that Parkinson’s sufferers can immediately feel in their day to day lives. The foundation realizes the importance of protein reagents in many applications related to treating Parkinson’s disease. MJFF has partnered with Proteos who provides them with the best quality reagents to support research of Parkinson’s disease.

MJFF has announced a library of available recombinant DJ-1 proteins in collaboration with Drs. David White, Tao Xie and Un Jung Kang and Proteos Inc. In addition, a new phospho-S129 alpha-synuclein semi-synthetic mimetic protein may be useful for biomarker discovery and biochemical characterization of alpha-synuclein in complex samples. This project is based on strategies developed in the Lashuel Lab and large-scale production with Dr. Hilal Lashuel, CPC Scientific and Proteos Inc.

At Proteos, founded in 2003, we are experienced and proven specialists in protein production and our mission is to deliver the highest quality research reagents and data and we are extremely proud to partner with the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We are an industry leader in customer-centered project design and implementation and would love to hear from you! 

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