How do I place an order with Proteos?

Proteos Order Process

Proteos specializes in custom recombinant protein production.  There are two ways to place an order:

  1. Request a quotation for customized projects or services through the “Request Quote” link found in the upper right-hand corner of every page on our website or by visiting this link.
  2. Purchase predefined protein production packages, assay services, and recombinant protein products directly by visiting the “Order” page.

Requesting a Quotation

In most cases, each project is unique, unless it is specifically a repeat or scale-up of previously performed work.  The steps for requesting a fully customized quotation that describes the workflow, cost structure, and project timelines are as follows:

  1. Click on the “Request Quote” link in the upper right-hand corner of any page on our website or access the RFQ form directly via this link.
  2. Download and complete the RFQ form with as much information as possible.
  3. Email the completed RFQ form as an attachment to
  4. A member of our team will provide you with a quotation based on your request or contact you regarding any questions within 2 business days.

Ordering from Website

Pre-defined protein production packages, assay services, and recombinant protein products can be ordered directly through our website.  The protein production packages have been designed to give our customers a streamlined alternative to custom production services.  When ordering via the website, please be sure to check your order for accuracy and ensure the appropriate add-ons are included with the protein production packages.  The steps for placing an order on our website are as follows:

  1. Visit the “Order” page
  2. Log in to your account if you are a previous customer (new accounts can be set-up during the checkout process)
  3. Adjust the quantity on the item you intend to purchase
  4. Click on the “Add-ons” button to select any applicable additional services prior to adding the item to the cart
  5. Click “Add to cart”
  6. When the cart view loads, you will be able to continue shopping or proceed to checkout
  7. On the checkout page, create an account or log in to your account.  New customers will need to provide customer information, delivery information, and billing information.  Check the box to accept our terms and conditions. Click calculate shipping costs to add shipping costs based on the delivery address provided.  Enter valid credit card information and click review order.
  8. Verify all details of your order are correct and click submit order.
  9. Once your order is placed, our customer service team will communicate shipping information for protein products, or project start dates for production packages and assay services.

Initiating a Project:

To initiate a project from a custom quotation, submit the signed quotation, purchase order, and any required starting materials to the project manager listed on the first page. 

To initiate a web order project, simply submit any required starting materials.  We can begin projects at many different stages, so the starting material will be dependent on the type of project you are requesting.  Typically, most projects begin with customer-provided plasmid DNA or an amino acid sequence.  Digital information, such as sequences or protocols, can be sent to  Physical starting material can be shipped to the address below.  Please reference your quotation number on the shipment or packing slip.  Most projects will be initiated immediately after receipt of a purchase order and all required starting materials.

Proteos, Inc.
4717 Campus Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008


If you have questions or need assistance with any of the above procedures, our team members are always available to help.  Feel free to use the Contact Us form on our website, or you can email one of the people listed below:

We look forward to working with you!

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