Medium-throughput Antibody Production

Medium-throughput Antibody Production

Proteos is a leader in customized recombinant antibody production offering production of full-length IgG, F(ab) and (Fab’)2 antibody fragments, and antibody fusion proteins.  It is often beneficial for researchers to produce multiple antibodies simultaneously for functional screening studies.  This type of production can be prohibitive at large scales due to cost constraints and at very small scales due to low production yields.  Proteos provides researchers a solution with our medium-throughput antibody production service.

Our medium-throughput antibody production offers transient expression of up to 48 recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAb) in parallel at the 30 mL culture scale. 293-6E cells (HEK, human embryonic kidney) are transiently transfected using a total of 30 micrograms of plasmid DNA at a 1:1 ratio (15 µg heavy chain and 15 µg of light chain).  Culture density and cell viability are monitored using a Vi-Cell XR.  Cultures are typically harvested when the culture viability drops to <80%.  Each full length mAb (IgG) is purified from the culture supernatant using Protein A.  Following elution, the purified mAbs are dialyzed against a buffer of your choice (standard buffer is PBS, pH 7.4), sterile filtered, and stored at 4 °C in single aliquots. The final antibody preps are analyzed by reducing and non-reducing SDS-PAGE. Project deliverables include all purified mAbs and a data sheet documenting the project experimental results (SDS-PAGE images, final yields, etc.). 

If you will be supplying transfection-ready expression plasmid, the medium-throughput antibody production service can be ordered through the Proteos website by clicking here.   We require a minimum of 30 micrograms of expression plasmid DNA encoding the mAb heavy and light chains per transfection (15 micrograms each of heavy chain and light chain if the heavy and light chains are encoded on separate plasmids). 

If you require gene synthesis and subcloning, Proteos can provide these services as well.  Simply click here and complete our Request for Quotation.  A member of our team will contact you to discuss the project and provide you with a custom quotation detailing the project workflow and timelines.

For additional information regarding our antibody production services, please click here.  Questions can be sent to our staff through the Contact Us page on our website.

Example data from SDS-PAGE analysis of purified monoclonal antibodies

SDS-PAGE analysis of monoclonal antibody samples purified by Protein A affinity chromatography.

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