Troubleshooting Recombinant Protein Secretion

Proteos is a reputable contract service organization, committed to providing high-quality recombinant protein production services that meet or exceed client expectations. With decades of experience, the scientific staff can anticipate challenges that may arise during protein production and leverage their knowledge to devise innovative solutions.

One such challenge that may arise during recombinant protein expression is a lack of protein secretion even though the protein contains a signal peptide.

There are several reasons why a recombinant protein may not be properly secreted, including:

  • The native signal sequence is not recognized by the expression host.
  • A heterologous signal sequence alters the protein’s conformation.
  • The protein may contain a targeting sequence, such as a nuclear localization signal, that is causing the protein to remain intracellular.
  • The host cell’s trafficking machinery is overwhelmed, causing the protein to aggregate intracellularly.

These issues can be addressed by screening and selecting the optimal signal sequence, mutating or omitting intracellular targeting sequences, and optimizing expression conditions such as lowering the growth temperature.

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