Recombinant Antigens: Long-term Storage

There are many variables to consider when producing recombinant proteins, and more specifically recombinant antigens.  These variables include construct design, affinity tags, expression system, purification scheme, formulation, and characterization.  Here we will focus on considerations for long-term storage of recombinant antigens.

Buffer formulation is important for long-term storage of recombinant antigens to ensure compatibility with downstream applications. This is especially critical for recombinant antigens intended for in vivo antibody production. The immunization buffer should emulate physiological conditions as much as possible. Any buffer additives, such as detergents and reducing agents, should be at low concentrations to avoid in vivo toxicity. Furthermore, the protein concentration and aliquot size for long term storage should be customized to fit the immunization protocol. This ensures that the recombinant antigen is ready for use upon thawing, limits unnecessary freeze-thaws, and maximizes antibody production during the immunization.

At Proteos, every project is customized to the client’s specific target and end use.  We will design a workflow that ensures the protein deliverable is appropriately formulated, and is delivered at the optimal volume, concentration, and storage temperature.

We are an industry leader in the production of high-quality recombinant protein antigens for drug discovery research. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.

Recombinant Antigens_ Long-term Storage