Protein Solubility and Aggregation

Proteos Tau Protein Aggregate

Proteos is an industry leader in the production of high-quality recombinant proteins for drug discovery research and will work closely with you to design constructs that are optimal for production of fit-for-purpose proteins.

Solubility is an important consideration at any stage of recombinant protein production. The formation of insoluble aggregates during expression or purification can lead to irreversible protein precipitation and loss. Poor solubility increases production costs, since a larger scale is required to meet target protein yields. Moreover, recombinant proteins that form soluble aggregates can exhibit abnormal structure and function. Using these aggregated proteins in downstream experiments can produce inaccurate data.

Efforts to avoid protein aggregation should begin with selection of the optimal expression host and construct design. However, if the protein still exhibits poor solubility, there are strategies to minimize aggregation during the production process. In the upcoming months, we will discuss these strategies.

Customized milestone-based project design allows data-driven decisions that lead to higher probabilities of success. Contact us today to discuss the optimal scope of work for your protein production needs. 

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