Fusion Protein

Proteos TEV removal of fusion protein for mammalian cell expression

Fusion Protein Removal Following Mammalian Cell Expression


Fusion proteins are often used to increase the expression and solubility of the target protein but may negatively affect the functionality of the target protein in biochemical or structural studies.

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Proteos HSA fusion protein for mammalian cell expression

Fusion Protein Placement for Mammalian Cell Expression


The design and placement of a fusion protein partner relative to the protein of interest must be critically considered and empirically tested since it can significantly affect protein expression and function.

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Proteos Recombinant Fusion Protein Expression and Purification

Selecting a Fusion Protein for Mammalian Cell Expression


Our transient mammalian cell expression system can be used to produce functional fusion proteins with extended in vivo half-life for use in pre-clinical proof of concept (POC) studies, through selection of an appropriate fusion partner.

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Proteos Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification HSA Structure

Fusion Proteins for Mammalian Cell Expression


There are many variables to consider when producing novel recombinant proteins.  These variables include selection of an expression system, construct design, and scale.  In the upcoming months, we will focus on the use of fusion proteins for recombinant protein expression in mammalian cell systems including purpose, selection, placement, and removal.

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