Proteos alpha-synuclein recombinant protein

High Quality, Validated Proteins for Parkinson's Research Programs


Proteos is proud to be partnered with The Michael J. Fox Foundation to provide standardized high-quality protein reagents for Parkinson’s disease research.

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Proteos releases new Mouse Alpha-Synuclein reagent

Proteos releases new Mouse Alpha-Synuclein reagent


Proteos recently added Mouse alpha-Synuclein Monomer to Generate Pre-formed Fibrils to our online catalog of validated protein reagents, generated in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), to support Parkinson’s disease (PD) research.  Alpha-synuclein products are available for order online at

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Proteos - alpha-synuclein shipments 2017

Supporting Global Efforts for Parkinson’s Disease Research


Proteos has proudly partnered with The Michael J. Fox Foundation to provide high-quality protein reagents to support Parkinson’s disease research.  In the past 9 months (September 2016 to June 2017), we have delivered protein reagents to 22 U.S. and 19 international locations in support of this research effort.

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Alpha-synuclein Research Tools poster co-authored by Lindsey Gottler, PhD., Proteos’ Director of Protein Purification


The Michael J. Fox Foundation's Strategy to Generate, Characterize, and Distribute Preclinical Alpha-Synuclein Research Tools for Molecular Biology presented at Neuroscience 2016.

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New Alpha-synuclein Filament-specific Antibody


Now available from the MJFF Research Tools Program is a conformation-specific rabbit monoclonal antibody raised against filament alpha-synuclein, which recognizes both oligomeric and filamentous alpha-synuclein. This project was done in partnership with Proteos, Inc.; Abcam; and Aarhus University.

New Alpha-synuclein Proteins Available

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Commercial Launch of Human Alpha-synuclein Proteins


MJFF announced the commercial launch of human alpha-synuclein proteins including monomeric and filament versions, as well as protocols and specially formulated monomeric alpha-synuclein to generate pre-formed fibrils. This project was in partnership with Proteos, Inc., and the proteins were validated by the Jensen and Luk laboratories at Aarhus University and the University of Pennsylvania, respectively.

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