Why Proteos? Respected Scientists with Diverse Expertise

Why Proteos?  Respected Scientists with Diverse Expertise

In the early stages of drug discovery, the right approach and the right partner can make all the difference. To maximize the success of your program, you need a proficient trustworthy partner to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

Charting your course for drug discovery is challenging, but our highly-skilled scientific team can put your journey on the right path from square one.

  • Proficiency across multiple disciplines
  • Veteran management team of industry experts
  • Sound approach with proven technologies

At Proteos, we are respected scientists who specialize in protein production with over 15 years in business serving the biopharmaceutical industry. We take pride in putting your needs first, with adaptable experimental designs and unique insights to enable informed decisions. With diverse expertise and optimized methodologies, you can count on our scientists to deliver the highest quality proteins, assays, and data through every phase of your journey. We understand that the reagents and assays used for drug discovery are the building blocks that support your program’s success.

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